Coastal work Katwijk


During the winter of 2013-2014 the coastline of Katwijk is reinforced with a dyke in new, wider dunes. The beach is accessible to visitors this summer. The works will continue, however. In the meantime the construction of the parking garage makes a fascinating spectacle. Do come and have a look!

Access to the beach

This map shows the access to the beach this summer (2014). For an explanation of this map, download the pdf file:
Explanation of the map.pdf

Bigger map

The latest news:

Progress report December 2014.pdf

Download the leaflet:

Coastal work Katwijk.pdf

Progress report November 2014.pdf

Progress report September/October 2014.pdf

Progress report August 2014.pdf

Progress report April 2014.pdf

Progress report January 2014.pdf

Progress report December 2013.pdf

Progress report November 2013.pdf

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